Five Top Tactics for Negotiating a Business Purchase

Numbers, industry statistics, forecasts and profit margins offer a defined picture of businesses that are available for sale but the majority of today’s entrepreneurial shoppers lack the knowledge needed to interpret this data into something that can push forward their own futures as business buyers. Half of Americans want to become business … [Read more...]

The Truth about Powers of Attorney

By Germaine Curtin What exactly is a power of attorney?  Does it give me the same power as if I were a lawyer?  Do I become an attorney? What exactly does it allow me to do? Most people believe they understand powers of attorney, but many people are wrong. A power of attorney is simply a signed document that gives another person (the … [Read more...]

Closing on Environmentally Impacted Real Estate

By Chris Fonzi Ask me about the worst-case scenario. Everyone with a contaminated piece of real estate does. How much can it cost? How long can it take? If you’ve had a deal torpedoed by an environmental contamination issue, the worst-case scenario was the veiled threat, the elephant in the middle of the closing table. In fact, contamination … [Read more...]

Advantages of Buying an Existing Business

1. Established. An existing business is a known entity. It has an established and historical track record. It has a customer or client base, established vendors, and suppliers. It has a physical location and has furniture, fixtures, and equipment all in place.  The term “turnkey operation” is overused, but an existing business is just that, plus … [Read more...]