New Year’s Resolutions & Selling Your Business

Most people fail to keep their New Year’s Resolutions.  But where buying and selling a business is concerned, failing to keep those resolutions could mean an abundance of lost opportunity. Todd Ganos at Forbes recently penned a thought-provoking article entitled The 8 New Year’s Resolutions for the Sale of Your Business.  In this article, he … [Read more...]

Confidentiality Agreements: What are the Most Important Elements?

Every business has to be concerned about maintaining confidentiality. When business owners are getting ready to sell their business, they often become somewhat obsessed with confidentiality. It goes without saying that owners don’t want the word that they are selling to spread to the public, employees or most certainly their competitors. Yet, … [Read more...]

AJC Business Journalist to Speak March 26

Award-winning Atlanta Journal-Constitution economics and business writer Michael E. Kanell will speak to the Georgia Association of Business Brokers on March 26. He'll discuss how he covered economic trends and take questions. The GABB is the state's leading association of professionals who facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses and … [Read more...]

SBA’s New Partner Buy-Out Rules

Starting April 1, the SBA is changing its rules for financing partner buyouts, and GABB affiliate Susan Kite has provided a more detailed explanation of the changes. Kite, a Vice President and SBA Business Development Officer at Renasant Bank, says that the new SBA rules are designed to prompt borrowers to put more of their own cash money to … [Read more...]

Georgia’s Job Growth Continues with Moderation on the Horizon

ATLANTA–Job additions in Georgia increased from 72,100 new jobs in 2017 to 103,500 job gains in 2018, according to Rajeev Dhawan of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business. But, job growth had a seesaw pattern, particularly in high paying catalyst sectors such as corporate, manufacturing and … [Read more...]

Rate Hikes on Hold Until September, Global Economic Breather Affects U.S. Growth Momentum

ATLANTA–The 35-day partial government shutdown was likely economically insignificant except for those who suffered delayed paychecks, according to Rajeev Dhawan of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business. “The real bad news was the severe drop in retail sales in December,” Dhawan wrote in his … [Read more...]

Why Goodwill Is Important to Your Business

Goodwill can enhance the value of your business, but what does the term mean when buying or selling a business? Usually, the term “goodwill” is a reference to all the effort that a seller puts into a business over the years that he or she operates that business.  In a sense, goodwill is the difference between an array of intangible, but … [Read more...]