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How Does Your Business Compare?

When considering the value of your company, there are basic value drivers. While it is difficult to place a specific value on them, one can take a look and make a “ballpark” judgment on each. How does your company look? Value DriverLowMediumHigh Business TypeLittle DemandSome DemandHigh Demand Business Growth LowSteadyHigh & Steady Market … [Read more...]

Ten Tips to Prepare Your Business To Sell

By Loren M. Schmerler, BOTTOM LINE MANAGEMENT, INC. If you are selling a business, the following tips will help you maximize the value of your business and expedite the sale. 1. Make sure you really “want” to sell. Ask yourself if you are bored, burned out, ill, have a new child, have aging parents that need your assistance, etc. Or are you … [Read more...]

Pratt’s Stats: Second Quarter 2015 Private Deal Update

The information linked below is excerpted from the Pratt’s Stats Private Deal Update: 2nd Quarter 2015, which is copyrighted by and available exclusively from Business Valuation Resources, LLC. Because GABB members contribute transaction details to Pratt’s Stats on closed business sales, GABB offers access to this valuable business tool as a … [Read more...]

The Confidentiality Agreement

When considering selling their companies, many owners become paranoid regarding the issue of confidentiality. They don't want anyone to know the company is for sale, but at the same time, they want the highest price possible in the shortest period of time. This means, of course, that the company must be presented to quite a few prospects to … [Read more...]