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Braves V.P. promises economic benefits to Cobb County

The Atlanta Braves decision to move to Cobb County puts the team closer to its fan base, and will ultimately be a significant economic boon to the region,   Mike Plant, the Atlanta Braves’ Executive Vice President of Business Operations, told the Georgia Association of Business Brokers this week. In a 45-minute speech and question-and-answer … [Read more...]

A Reasonable Price for Private Companies

Putting a price on privately-held companies is more complicated than placing a value or price on a publicly-held one. For one thing, many privately-held businesses do not have audited financial statements; these statements are very expensive and not required. Public companies also have to reveal a lot more about their financial issues and other … [Read more...]

Why Buy a Franchise?

By Mark Jones, Franchise Systems Advisors404-444-3186   Owning a business is part of the American dream and owning a franchise can make that dream a reality for many people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. People are attracted to franchises because the best ones have proven to be extremely successful over the years. They combine many … [Read more...]

GABB and Atlanta Business Chronicle subscription discount

The GABB and the Atlanta Business Chronicle have teamed up to offer business brokers and affiliates a substantial discount to Atlanta's leading business publication. Using the attached form, you get an Atlanta Business Chornicle subscription discount of $65 for a yearl, a substantial savings of the standard cost is $103. Your subscription includes … [Read more...]

Top Ten Mistakes Made By Sellers

Neglecting the day-to-day running of their business with the reasoning that it will sell tomorrow. Starting off with too high a price with the assumption the price can always be reduced. Assuming that confidentiality is a given. Failing to plan ahead to sell / deciding to sell impulsively. Expecting that the buyers will only want to see last year's … [Read more...]

Braves Vice President to speak to GABB on Feb. 24

ATLANTA, GA. – Mike Plant, the Atlanta Braves’ Executive Vice President of Business Operations, will speak to the Georgia Association of Business Brokers on Tuesday, Feb. 24. The GABB is the state’s largest professional organization dedicated to buying and selling businesses and franchises. Plant’s responsibilities include overseeing stadium … [Read more...]

Why Sell Your Company?

Selling one's business can be a traumatic and emotional event. In fact, “seller's remorse” is one of the major reasons that deals don't close. The business may have been in the family for generations. The owner may have built it from scratch or bought it and made it very successful. However, there are times when selling is the best course to take. … [Read more...]