Pratt’s Stats Help for Brokers

Pratt’s Stats, published by Business Valuation Resources, LLC, is a great resource for GABB members.

While GABB no longer get complimentary access to this valuable service, members who submit qualifying sales can get free access from the company. GABB also requires Million Dollar Club members to submit their deals to Pratt’s Stats as a qualifying condition, and we encourage all members to submit their deals to Pratt’s Stats.

Business brokers find Pratt’s Stats a valuable tool. It offers market comparables, shows the Broker’s client the resources the Broker has, which helps clients trust the Broker’s experience, and provides a great gut check as to what businesses really sell for.

For example, when you are looking at a home, do you trust your Realtor with just giving you a number to buy a house? Or do you compare it to other homes in the area to see what the value should be

Some brokers have told us that they find it difficult to submit deals to Pratt’s States. A Pratt’s contact estimated “it would take a max time of 15 minutes for every deal. But for a broker who just finished the deal, is familiar with the deal and the organization of the file, I would say it takes less time.”

Pratt’s is willing to help brokers write up the deal for anyone who wants to submit. So if a broker has  files on the computer (PDF, Excel, etc…) the broker can then email the files to Pratt’s and they will write up the deal.”

As of February, 2017, the Pratt’s Stats contact is Mitchell Cameron, Senior Financial Analyst at Business Valuation Resources, LLC.