Georgia Business Brokers Support Foster Children

GABB members donated toys and other goods to support foster children. From left, Mark and Rachel Ewald of the Foster Care Support Foundation, 2018 GABB President Mike Ramatowski and 2019 GABB Secretary Nick Modares. Photo by Roger Easley.

The Georgia Association of Business Brokers donated a carload of toys, diapers and other goods and money to the Foster Care Support Foundation at the GABB’s recent holiday dinner.

FCSF serves a vital and growing need throughout Georgia by providing free clothing, infant equipment and developmental toys to thousands of children in foster and relative care.

The foundation serves basic-care (costs reimbursed less than $25 per day) foster children residing in Georgia’s foster homes, administered by the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and children housed by private agencies. They also serve grandparents raising grandchildren and parents caring for relative’s children for a limited time. The Foster Care Support Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

You can help the foster children of Georgia in many ways:

  • Donate time by volunteering with us or become a mentor.
  • Donate goods for the children or other items that we can sell.
  • Donate funds to help with our operating expenses.

The foundation often needs specific items to fill shortages. Click here for a list of needed items.

They take donations Tuesdays through Saturdays between 10am and 3pm.
Items taken are processed to provide the goods needed to give to the children.
Items not usually taken by foster parents or not child friendly are processed and go to their resale shop to help raise funds for the program.