How to gain and keep customers, and other advice from a Selling Expert

For business brokers or other solo professionals, the most valuable resource is your time. Outsource, outsource, outsource, was the recommendation of Christopher Lemley, the director of the Georgia State University Professional Selling and Sales Leadership Program, who spoke on Tuesday, Jan. 26, to the Georgia Association of Business … [Read more...]

Ten Georgia Business Brokers Named to 2015 Million Dollar Club

Ten members of the Georgia Association of Business Brokers (GABB) were named to the 2015 Million Dollar Clubs for helping to broker the sale of small-, medium-sized and large businesses in 2015. GABB members represent owners of Georgia businesses in extremely important transactions: the sale of their business. GABB members help owners determine … [Read more...]

Why Your Company Needs a Physical

Many executives of both public and private firms get a physical check-up once a year. Many of these same executives think nothing of having their investments checked over at least once a year – probably more often. Yet, these same prudent executives never consider giving their company an annual physical, unless they are required to by company … [Read more...]

Top GABB Brokers in Oct. 27 Expert Panel

A panel of some of GABB's most active and successful members highlighted the Oct. 27 GABB meeting. The panelists discussed issues that came up during or after due diligence that created a potential problem in getting the deal closed and how those issues were resolved. GABB President Greg DeFoor moderated the panel. Listen to a recording of the … [Read more...]

Georgia Real Estate Commissioner Spoke About Licensing to GABB

Georgia Real Estate Commissioner William L. Rogers, Jr. talked about licensing and new training requirements at the Georgia Association of Business Brokers’s meeting on Sept. 29. Roger serves as the Executive Officer for the Georgia Real Estate Commission and the Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board where he oversees the day-to-day operations of … [Read more...]

Negotiating Commissions is Bad Business for Business Brokers

Negotiating commissions is not in the best interest of business broker’s clients, a leading business broker told the GABB Board. In August, the board met for a strategic planning session with Andy Cagnetta, owner/CEO of Transworld Business Brokers, LLC., of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Andy is also past chairman of the International Business … [Read more...]

Georgia Real Estate leader to speak to GABB on Sept. 29

The head of Georgia's Real Estate Commission will speak to the GABB member's meeting on September 29 before the group's a strategic planning meeting to discuss and plan the future of the organization, to fortify GABB and the profession of business brokering. The GABB meeting will  be held at 10:30 a.m. at the South Terraces Conference Center, … [Read more...]

GABB Sept. 29 Members Meeting for Strategic Planning

The GABB will gather on September 29 for a strategic planning meeting to discuss and plan the future of the organization, with an eye towards strengthening GABB and the profession of business brokering. Because of the nature of our discussions, this meeting is for members only and will not be open to the public. GABB Board members want member … [Read more...]

Nine Steps to Better Due Diligence, Closing Deals

Third in a series on Business Brokering Buyer and seller strike a deal, but a thorough due diligence and either seal or sink that deal. Georgia Association of Business Brokers Vice President Mike Ramatowski moderated a panel discussion at the July meeting on getting buyers and sellers through due diligence and to the closing table. … [Read more...]

Georgia Business Brokers Discuss Working With Buyers and Sellers

The collective wisdom of four brokers with 75 years experience was on stage Tuesday, June 30, as the Georgia Association of Business Brokers hosted a panel discussion on how to move buyers and sellers to the closing table. Moderated by GABB Vice President Mike Ramatowski, the panel featured GABB Treasurer Jay Fenello, who specializes in helping … [Read more...]