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Spring Conference: Tighten it Up! Privacy, Data Security, and Safety

May 18, 2017 9:00AM to 4:00PM Tighten it Up! Privacy, Data Security, and Safety Today’s Business Broker uses many technologies in their daily business—computers, mobile devices, the Internet, cloud-based tools, social media, messaging/communication platforms, and more.  If used without the proper safeguards in place you are putting your … [Read more...]

Selling a Business? Be Aware of These Four Potential Issues

We've outlined below a few unexpected aspects of the business sale process that can pop up. Sometimes they severely impact the turnaround time of a sale. But if you can understand these potential issues better, you will be better prepared to try to circumvent them. 1. Do You Have Time on Your Side? It's helpful to use an intermediary who will … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Director Spoke March 28 to GABB

Galina Alexeenko, Director of the Regional Economic Information Network of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta spoke to the Georgia Association of Business Brokers on March 28. Here is a copy of her PowerPoint presentation on economic conditions. Georgia Business Brokers 3-28-17 Listen to an audio recording of her remarks here. The GABB … [Read more...]

Your Company’s Undocumented Worth

The valuation is a major factor that influences the overall selling price of the property. Business appraisals are based upon a multitude of criteria and indisputable records such as comparables, projections, discount rates, EBITDA multiples, and more. While the appraiser may have all the information he or she needs, the business elements might … [Read more...]

Service Businesses Perform Highest When It Comes to Sales

Recently, Business Brokerage Press performed a survey of brokers across the country to see what sells at the highest rate, and what they discovered was very interesting. Retail business sold at 17%, food and drink related businesses at 14%, service oriented businesses sold at 25%, auto related businesses sold at 9%, manufacturing businesses sold … [Read more...]

Gaining a Better Understanding of Leases

Leases can, and do, play a significant role in the buying or selling of businesses. It can be easy to overlook the topic of leases when focusing on the higher profile particulars of a business. However, leases are a common feature of many businesses and simply can't be ignored. Leases and Working with Your Attorney Whenever a small business is … [Read more...]