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AJC Business Writer Talked to GABB About News Coverage

Matt Kempner, the AJC’s sometimes irreverent business columnist, spoke to the GABB on Aug. 30 about how the news media covers business. The writer described how journalists find news leads and offered advice for businesses to connect with journalists.  Hear his presentation here. Matt writes a regular column called Unofficial Business in the … [Read more...]

Georgia Film Industry Creates Local Business Demand

When you see Tom Hanks portraying Sully Sullenberger in a movie this Christmas, don’t assume that most of the movie was filmed in New York City. In fact, much of the flight simulation and interior shooting was done in Georgia, according to Lee Cuthbert, a Location Specialist for Georgia’s Film, Music and Digital Entertainment office. Georgia's … [Read more...]

The Importance of Having a Dominant Position in the Market

In order to get top dollar for your business, it is necessary to prepare for the sale well in advance. In short, a tremendous amount of strategy and preparation goes into a successful sale. The amount you ultimately receive for your business is directly tied to how well you prepare. At the top of the list of making sure that your business is … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Buying a Business is Preferable to Starting a New One

If you are considering running your own business, one of the first questions that might pop in your mind is: should I start a new one or buy an established business. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the age-old dilemma of buying an existing business verses starting a new one from scratch. 1. An Established Concept The benefits of … [Read more...]

Are You Emotionally Ready to Sell?

Quite often sellers don't give much thought to whether or not they are ready to sell. But this can be a mistake. The emotional components of both buying and selling a business are quite significant and should never be overlooked. If you are overly emotional about selling, then this fact can have serious ramifications on your outcomes. Many sellers … [Read more...]

Learn the Dynamics and Save the Deal

Many business owners are unfamiliar with the dynamics of selling a company, because they have never done so. There are numerous possible “deal breakers.” Being aware of the following pitfalls and their remedies should help prevent the possibility of an aborted transaction. Neglecting the Running of Your Business A major reason companies with … [Read more...]