For Business Sellers

Looking for a Buyer for your business?  You can see some of the Buyers registered with GABB Brokers, but these registered Buyers are only a small part of the business transfer process. 

GABB Members can also assist you with issues such as valuing and pricing, marketing and advertising, handling prospective buyers, negotiating and closing a deal. Confidentiality is often a prime concern in selling an on-going business, and GABB Brokers operate under strict procedures to protect your proprietary information and ensure utmost confidentiality.  

To find a broker who can help you with your sale, please see Find a GABB Broker, or if you would like to view our frequently asked questions, click here.

Why work with a GABB broker?

  • All GABB brokers are licensed as required under Georgia Law.
  • All GABB brokers have agreed to abide by our comprehensive Code of Ethics
  • All GABB brokers have agreed to cobroker, so that you’ll have over 100 brokers working to find a buyer for your business, instead of just one.

GABB Brokers can help Sellers:

  • Determine the market value, possible strategic value and appropriate listing price
  • Advise you as to terms and deal structures to help you keep more profit on the sale
  • Execute the marketing and advertising plan designed for your particular business
  • Avoid the disruptive impact of your plans becoming common knowledge
  • Find, Screen and Qualify prospective buyers
  • Work with professional advisors on your team and from GABB
  • Assist the buyer in obtaining financing
  • Negotiate profitable sale terms and deal structure
  • Assist with all the complex details of a business closing