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George Hilliard

Business Broker/Founder The Restaurant Farm
Work Phone: (404) 990-1132 Website: The Restaurant Farm
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Welcome to the Restaurant Farm where you will hear a lot about the focus being on your goals whether selling your restaurant or buying. Why is this an important point of how we conduct business? Because we are tasked in representing you, not touting how great we are. I think through conversation you will find a comfortable and trusting relationship, a genuine experience if you elect to engage our services.

I’m George Hilliard and I started The Restaurant Farm with some lofty goals. One of those was to keep the focus on my client’s goals, to always be available to my clients regardless of the questions. I’ve owned restaurants, bars, consulted and brokered deals. In short, I’m a restaurant broker who speaks restaurant with an insight only gained through real world hands on experience.

Above all else, the ability to work with others in achieving a deal in a respectful and honest manner is what you will find at The Restaurant Farm.

I hope you’ll take a moment to allow me the opportunity to speak with you about your goals whether you are only at the “just considering selling” or ready to sell.

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