AJC Business Writer Talked to GABB About News Coverage

Matt KempnerMatt Kempner, the AJC’s sometimes irreverent business columnist, spoke to the GABB on Aug. 30 about how the news media covers business.

The writer described how journalists find news leads and offered advice for businesses to connect with journalists.  Hear his presentation here.

Matt writes a regular column called Unofficial Business in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Some recent columns include:

Atlanta Spending Divide Starts at the Perimeter.

Atlanta Airport Launches Pricey Underground Adventure

Developers Face a Stink in DeKalb

Kempner says he enjoys finding the twists behind our adventures with business, money and careers. Prior to his latest assignment, he wrote a regular column on intriguing entrepreneurs and reported on technology and energy. His career has included serving as a business editor and public editor as well as lots of reporting gigs, from business investigations to politics, government and the environment.  You can follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mattkempnercolumnist or on Twitter: @Mattkempner

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