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Wendy Kraby

Business & Corporate attorney Moore & Reese, LLC
Work 2987 Clairmont Road Suite 350 Atlanta GA 30329 Work Phone: (770) 457-7000 Work Fax: (770) 455-8555 Cell Phone: (770) 378-9820 Website: Moore & Reese, LLC website
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I often work with business brokers to assist their clients with legal needs. Some common needs for a Buyer or Seller: purchase and sale contract (asset sale or stock sale), due diligence, closings, setting up new business entities, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, lending, UCC filings, security agreements, stock pledge agreements, governmental regulations, zoning, land use, construction contracts, commercial leases, employment contracts and non-competes.

I specialize in Business Law (contracts, corporate, technology/SaaS) and Development Law (RE, land use, zoning, construction, lending): I serve as general corporate counsel for a number of companies (including technology companies and developers) assisting them with whatever needs arise.

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