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President SMB Strategy Consultants, LLCBusiness Consultant
Work 1 Glenlake Pkwy. NE, Suite 700 Atlanta GA 30328 Work Phone: (404) 593-0626 Cell Phone: (404) 783-3305 Work Fax: (800) 731-5084 Website:
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I am a certified Small Business Consultant through the AASBC and a certified Value Builder through the Value Builder System. I also hold my series 66 and my GA,FL Insurance Licenses

I help keep the business broker pipeline healthy. When a business owner comes to sell their business without a good sense of what their business is worth they can be disappointed and choose not to sell. Even though the business owner plans on coming back down the road, without a deliberate plan to increase the value of the business that pipeline opportunity only has a small chance of coming back around.

My process is a good referral to the business owner that isn’t happy with what the broker thinks the business will sell for and instead of walking away wants to engage in a proven process for systematically increasing the value of their business and make it ready for sale in another 1 – 2 years.

This gives the business owner an affordable and proven pathway to bring the business back to the market after making some wonderful improvements and this keeps the business broker’s mid-term pipeline healthy.

Reality teaches us that building the business in such a way as to be able to sell it or pass it down as part of your retirement plan doesn’t always come naturally. I started SMB Strategy Consultants to protect the business owner and their family from the high business failure rate but also to help them position themselves to sell their business at a premium when the time comes. What we do is guide business owners that are 2-20 years from their end game in a proven step by step process to build their ultimate freedom. Welcome to SMB Strategy Consultants, where protecting and building your business as an asset can finally be integrated with your personal wealth goals.

We believe that there are eight key drivers that not only impact the valuation of your business wealth but link directly to how much personal freedom you have. I’d like to share them with you and see how a fresh perspective might impact your financial freedom.

Broader Areas of Focus:

  • Business Value Building
  • Part Time CFO
  • Access to Commercial Lending
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Business Wealth Management
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