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Location Expert to Speak July 26 about Georgia’s Film Industry

ATLANTA-- Lee Cuthbert, a Location Specialist for Georgia’s Film, Music and Digital Entertainment office, will speak about the impact of the film industry on Georgia’s economy  at the July 26 meeting of the Georgia Association of Business Brokers (GABB). GABB members represent owners of Georgia businesses and help them establish the sales price … [Read more...]

Selling: What Does An Intermediary Expect From You

If you are seriously considering selling your company, you have no doubt considered using the services of an intermediary. You probably have wondered what you could expect from him or her. It works both ways. To do their job, which is selling your company; maximizing the selling price, terms and net proceeds; plus handling the details … [Read more...]

Family-Owned Businesses Do Have Choices

Family-owned businesses do have some options when it comes time to sell. Selling the entire business may not be the best choice when there are no other family members involved. Here are some choices to be considered: Internal Transactions Hire a CEO – This approach is a management exit strategy in which the owner retires, lives off the company's … [Read more...]

Who Is Today’s Buyer?

It has always been the American Dream to be independent and in control of one's own destiny. Owning your own business is the best way to meet that goal. Many people dream about owning their own business, but when it gets right down to it, they just can't make that leap of faith that is necessary to actually own one's own business. Business … [Read more...]

How to Add Your Listings to the GABB Website

One benefit of GABB membership is the ability to add your business for sale listings to the GABB website. To do that, a GABB member has two options: Option 1: Link an Existing BrokerWorks account, or Option 2: Create a BrokerWorks Limited account just for viewing on GABB’s site. (Note! Option 2 will NOT display your listings or profile on … [Read more...]