July News

Greetings Georgia Association of Business Brokers Members, Affiliates and Guests:

The GABB will meet July 30 to discuss Pratt’s Stats, a valuable database that helps brokers and others determine the value of a business. This discussion is intended to help brokers address one of the top reasons that businesses do not sell, unreasonable pricing on the business.  Pratt’s Stats provides brokers with data that they can share with business owners to demonstrate the actual value of the company to ensure an appropriate listing price.

Using Pratt’s Stats to Value a Business: A one-year subscription to the database is $789, but your GABB membership includes access to this valuable business data. Pratt’s Stats, published by BVMarketData.comsm, collects private business transactions of main street businesses from business brokers, as well as middle market M&A deals where a public company purchases a private company. The database contains information about M&A transactions, private company deals, private M&A transactions, company guidelines, transaction guidelines, comparable sales data, business comparable and/or market data. Visit the GABB website for a detailed primer describing how to usePratt’s Stats Transaction Data for Private Company Valuations.

For more information on how to use this tool essential to M&A professionals, business appraisers, financial advisors, investment bankers and lawyers, come to the GABB meeting on Tuesday, July 30. The meeting is free and open to the public, and will be held at the South Terraces Conference Center, 115 Perimeter Center Place, Atlanta, GA, 30346. Networking begins at 9:45 a.m. with a free light breakfast before the group’s 10:30 a.m. meeting. Please bring a friend and join us.

What’s the Worst Case Scenario for Environmentally Impacted Real Estate?

If you’re trying to broker the sale or purchase of a piece of environmentally impacted real estate, you want to know the worst-case scenario. How much can it cost? How long can it take? If you’ve had a deal torpedoed by an environmental contamination issue, the worst-case scenario was the veiled threat, the elephant in the middle of the closing table. To find out more, readClosing on Environmentally Impacted Real Estate by GABB affiliate and Platinum Sponsor Chris Fonzi, a Principal of Logic Environmental, Inc.,specializing in environmental assessment of real estate. Chris is an attorney and has been performing environmental consulting in Georgia for more than 20 years.

The Truth about Powers of Attorney

What exactly is a power of attorney? Does it give me the same power as if I were a lawyer?  Do I become an attorney? What exactly does it allow me to do? Most people believe they understand powers of attorney, but many people are wrong. In an article for the GABB, business, tax and transactional attorney Germaine Curtin explains some of the nuances of Powers of Attorney Documents. Curtin JD, LLM, is a GABB Platinum sponsor.

Are You MAD?

Not crazy. . . but angry? The business marketplace is a pressure-cooker, especially with the financial demands of the last few years. Our personal lives are often very stressful as well. Former GABB Board member Kathryne A. Pusch, President/Broker ofConsultKAP, Inc., understands the stress and fear related to the career of a business broker. Read her advice on what to do if you are Mad.

GABB Fall Conference Sept. 24

Please clear your schedule for September 24, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the GABB plans to host a fall educational conference. Details of the conference are still being developed, but the conference will include two four-hour IBBA classes and earn youprofessional training credits from top quality trainers in areas critical to our business. Past topics have learning to read tax returns and convert them to financial statements; understanding the market dynamics and value drivers for pricing a business; and how to market your business.

SBA Tidbits

Whether you are a seasoned broker or just beginning your career, information about SBA loan programs can help you steer your buyers and sellers in the right direction when structuring the sale of a business. Read Cornerstone Bank Senior Vice President Cheryl Beer’s SBA Tidbits as she describes the basics of the program and how an SBA-guaranteed loan may be used to finance a change of ownership that includes intangible assets. Cornerstone is a GABB Platinum Sponsor.  

The GABB is the state’s only professional organization dedicated to buying and selling businesses and franchises.

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